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Race 3 - Sierra Point Night Cross

November 10, 2012

This is our High School football game

Sierra Point is one of our season highlights - starting at 12:00 pm with our first race start we get the course ready for twilight racing - and then all the drama and excitement of racing under the lights for our final 4 events of the evening. We use 16 portable construction light units to illuminate the course. This event does have unique start times for each event - please make sure to review the schedule.

This is a very compact course - but we think we have managed to add a couple of new stretches that will make the circuit long enough to prevent as much lapping as previous editions. We'll have 2 TRP Brake Zones, numerous climbs and descents in the Southern Alps and, of course, the Figure 8 Go Pro "Bridge of  Sighs" in the middle. The course surfaces are pretty firm. You'll be set on the grid right on the Start/Finish line.  

Category Start Time Distance Prizes Field Limit Entry Fee per event
Cat C Men 12:00 pm 40 minutes Raffle - See Notes 100 $35
Juniors 10-14 1:00 pm 30 minutes Raffle - See Notes 20 $15
Juniors 15-18 1:00 pm 30 minutes Raffle - See Notes 20 $15
Junior Women 1:00 pm 30 minutes Raffle - See Notes 20 $15
Cat C Women 1:00 pm 30 minutes Raffle - See Notes 35 $35
M Men 55+ 1:00 pm 30 minutes Raffle - See Notes 20 $35
Cat C Men 35+ 2:00 pm 40 minutes Raffle - See Notes 60 $35
M Men 45 + Cat B 2:00 pm 40 minutes Raffle - See Notes 60 $35
SingleSpeed A 3:00 pm 45 minutes Cash - See Notes 40 $35
SingleSpeed B 3:00 pm 45 minutes Raffle - See Notes 60 $35
M Men 35+ Cat B 4:00 pm 40 minutes Raffle - See Notes 60 $35
Cat B Men 5:00 pm 45 Minutes Raffle - See Notes 100 $35
Cat A Women 6:00 pm 40 minutes Cash - See Notes 30 $35
Cat B Women 6:00 pm 40 minutes Raffle - See Notes 30 $35
M Women 35+ Cat A 6:00 pm 40 minutes Cash - See Notes 25 $35
M Men 35+ Cat A 7:00 pm 45 Minutes Cash - See Notes 60 $35
M Men 45+ Cat A 7:00 pm 45 Minutes Cash - See Notes 50 $35
Cat A Men 8:00 pm 60 Minutes Cash - See Notes 85 $35

Registration Details



  • Registration opens at 11:00 am
  • Day of race registration will be available for non sold out races.

PRIZES: Details coming soon.

Day-of wait-list protocol:

Riders will be allowed to sign on to the Wait-list when registration opens at the start of each day. Riders wishing to use unclaimed race numbers must add their names to the Wait-list, and fill out a blank release form.
30 minutes prior to the start of each race category, sign-in for pre-registered riders will close. At that point, any unclaimed start numbers will be given away on a first-come-first-served basis, according to the order of of riders on the Wait-list. Racers must be present at this time and have a completed release in-hand in order to be given a number.

There are no refunds or credits

Equipment – CycloCross or Mountain Bikes OK at all events.No forward facing handlebars. Entry includes USAC insurance surcharges. No late fee. Juniors must have signed release from parent.

A Note about Numeric Categories - Here at the Bay Area Super Prestige Series we don't feel that it is in the best spirit to hold people to a numeric category. We will maintain our system of riders self categorizing. If you need to compare it to the USAC numeric system, It would be C=4 B= 3, and A= 1/2


Prizes for “A” fields – It will be cash payouts at each event. For “A”Elite Men and Women we start with guaranteed $150 per race and add $10 to the pot for each entrant – the bigger the turnout, the bigger the payout. “A” 35+ and 45+ Men Masters fields it will be $150 fixed for each field at each event and for SS “A” and 35+ Women Masters there will be $75 fixed for each event.
Prizes for All other fields: Each race for our Amateur fields earns 1 entry into our end-of-season Raffle. We’ll have over $10,000 worth of merchandise prizes to raffle off to our Amateur fields who participate in our events – and all amateur podium places will earn extra tickets. The Raffle will be held on Saturday December 15th, 2011. Must be present to win. Beer, Food, and door prizes along with the raffle.  Sports Basement on Bryant Street is hosting this year, from 5-7pm.

Use Google Maps to get to the race.